Hootenanny Road Show
With Brad Davis

In the 1960s, Hootenannys were hot. Hootenanny was
a popular TV show on ABC in the early 1960s.

WTIC came up with the idea of broadcasting a live Hootenanny every
Saturday night from a different high school or college, featuring local talent.

I remember each Saturday afternoon loading the car with
the huge Atlas booms from Studios 1 and 4, and packing up
Neumann U-67 Microphones, with their external power supplies,
plus all the mixing equipment, then driving to the venue.
After the show, we'd return to the studio and
put the booms and mics back. Long days!

Thanks to Ed Brouder, of Man from Mars Productions,
I was able to get five programs from the series.

Click on the links to hear the show.

April 4, 1964 - Live from Henry James Memorial High School in Simsbury, Connecticut
featuring The Grand Old 26 String Band, Rinaldi; Sue Wick, Cheryl Case and The Mariner Trio

April 11, 1964 - Live from Plainville High School, Plainville, Connecticut
featuring The Gray Sky Boys; Carol Deane, The New Legends,
and The Kings Men

April 18, 1964 - Live from Guilford High School, Guilford, Connecticut
featuring The Guardsmen, Judi Resnick, The Grand Old 26 String Band, and The Tradewinds

May 2, 1964 - Live from St. Joseph College, West Hartford, Connecticut
featuring Mike Ogden, The Hallmark Trio, Judi Resnick, and The South County Singers
(Note: This show is not complete.)
Mike Ogden went on to work as an announcer for WTIC.

June 6, 1965 - Live from the U.S. Submarine Base at Groton, Connecticut
featuring The Villagers, The New World Singers, The Simon Sisters
(Carly & Lucy), Kathy Attle, Ceil & Debbie Dore,
and P.J. Gray
(note: this is the live 8-9 PM warm-up show preceding the actual broadcast)
Carly Simon later went out on her own and has had a
very successful career as a singer and songwriter.

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