"The Golden Age of Radio"
(As originally broadcast on WTIC, Hartford, CT)

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Program 80 - November, 1976 - Evie Juster

Evie Juster appeared in many radio programs, including “Amanda of Honeymoon Hill”, "X Minus One," "Suspense," "Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar," "Cavalcade of America", and well over 60 installments of "The CBS Mystery Theater."

One of the premier programs of the Golden Age of Radio, Suspense advertised itself as "radio's oustanding theater of thrills" and was heard in one form or another from 1942 through 1962. There were approximately 945 episodes broadcast during its long run.

Suspense went through several major phases, characterized by its hosts, sponsors and director/producers. The show was so popular that over 900 of the original episodes are extant in high-quality recordings. Alfred Hitchcock directed the audition show — an adaptation of The Lodger, that Hitchcock had filmed in 1926 — in a 1940 program called Forecast, starring Herbert Marshall. In the early phase, the program was hosted by "The Man in Black" (played by Joseph Kearns or Ted Osborne) and many episodes written or adapted by the prominent mystery author John Dickson Carr.

Set in Hartford, Johnny Dollar was heard each week on CBS flying off to a different town filled with danger and possibly murder as he tried to get to the bottom of insurance fraud. There were rarely any recurring characters except Dollar; despite sometimes romance and friends, the character was generally a loner.

The CBS Radio Mystery Theater was an ambitious effort by veteran radio producer Himan Brown to revive interest in American radio drama. Every night from 1974 to 1982, host E. G. Marshall (later Tammy Grimes) ushered listeners through a creaking door -- similar to the one Brown used on Inner Sanctum decades earlier -- for an hour of “the fear you can hear.” Brown produced nearly 200 new episodes of Mystery Theater every year, using both original scripts and adaptations of classic stories by Edgar Allen Poe, Mark Twain, Robert Louis Stevenson and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

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Program 80 - November, 1976 - Evie Juster

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